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How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Dealing with persistent oral discomfort, discolorations, or another frightening dental issue? Dr. Gary J. Westerman, DMD, makes it a primary goal to help patients achieve a pain-free, healthy smile, and if you are dealing with these problematic symptoms, root canal therapy from his Southbury, CT, office, could be the answer.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Root canal therapy preserves a natural tooth by saving it from deep decay, an infection, or severe damage. Thanks to modern techniques, the procedure is completely painless, and your dentist will recommend it when the pulp beneath the tooth root is inflamed and negatively affecting the way you eat, speak, and carry on with life. Once your dentist removes the diseased pulp and seals the area with a dental crown, you'll have an improved bite, attractive smile, and zero discomforts.

What to Expect from Treatment 

Your dentist performs root canal therapy in a sequence that typically takes two visits to our Southbury office complete. Before Dr. Westerman begins, he'll numb the gum tissue with a local anesthetic so that you won't feel a thing. Next, he'll isolate the area with a rubber dam to keep it dry and prevent contamination. To preserve the surrounding tissues and longevity of the tooth, he'll use micro-instruments to remove any compromised dental pulp. Lastly, the site is disinfected, the canals are properly reshaped, and a temporary crown is placed atop of the entire structure. When you visit our office for your second visit, you'll receive a permanent crown to finish the entire process.

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If you are experiencing recurring tooth pain and think that you may benefit from root canal therapy, consult with our dentist to determine if root canal therapy may be the best route for your situation. Contact Dr. Gary J. Westerman, DMD, in Southbury, CT, today by dialing (203) 264-5630.

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